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Calculates optimal air conditioning duct sizes
Computes round, rectangular, & flat oval duct sizes
Four sizing methods available: Static Regain, Equal Friction, Constant Velocity, and As Built.
Includes a built-in fan library for noise calculations
Fitting Selector displays drawings of over 120 ASHRAE duct fittings
Project Explorer provides a tree-style graphical representation of all trunks & runouts in the project
Both supply and return duct systems can be entered in the same project. Return-side duct system losses are automatically accounted for when calculating the supply-side duct system.
The number of trunks & runouts is virtually unlimited.
Calculates from Manually Entered Data or Directly from Floor Plans Created with Drawing Board
Trunks and runouts are each given a user defined name instead of just a number. Trunk and runout names can be changed at any time.
A virtually unlimited number of separate duct systems can be entered in a single project.
Works with the AutoCAD/SoftDesk duct drawing program to create fully sized, three dimensional duct drawings.

Includes customizable button toolbar and menu to fit your work style.

Provides comprehensive color reports which can be printed, previewed on screen and saved to disk.

Determines noise levels and required attenuation.

Reports can optionally be generated as an HTML file that can be viewed with a web browser.

Uses ASHRAE and SMACNA procedures.

Uses either English or Metric units.



          The DUCTSIZE Program is based on the design procedures given in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, the ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database, and the SMACNA HVAC Systems Duct Design manual. The program can calculate using either the static regain, equal friction, or constant velocity methods. The user's manual gives detailed information on the exact equations used, and explains how to manually verify program results.